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NXP Semiconductors N.V. is a Dutch semiconductor manufacturer with headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The company employs approximately 31,000 people in more than 35 countries, including 11,200 engineers in 33 countries. NXP reported revenue of $9.4 billion in 2018.Originally spun off from Philips in 2006, a merger agreement was announced with Freescale Semiconductor in March 2015, to form a


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Former Employee - Senior Principal Engineer says

"Very low compensation other than the base salary (for example, hidden multipliers to the cash bonus, which is normally between 0.3 to 0.5 regardless of your performance, and never exceed 1.0, which is very rare in the industry). Very long and inefficient upper management chain (so many layers of VP's) who took the most of the benefits. Frequent layoffs in US sites, bullet-proof job security for European employees. Minimal RSU grants, mediocre stock performance. Always similar projects."

Current Employee - Test Engineer says

"poor management. Toxic environment. Management by intimidation"

Current Employee - Higher Level Engineer says

"They expect 7 days a week 24 hours a day work. It's a miserable place with horrible management. They really don't want the employee taking any vacation at all."

Former Employee - FSE says

"Management is just puppet and the good one just leave"

Former Employee - Analog Design Engineer says

"This used to be Motorola and later became Freescale. This group focuses on PMICs for automotive but it's really struggling to keep up with the new competition from strong PM companies jumping in on the automotive bandwagon. None, zero of the nice and good technical people from the old days remain here. Only a few of the very unkind people who never wanted to leave still remain here. Upper management severely lacking in technical knowledge. Higher levels staffed with folks with no significant prior experience in analog or power management, with awful personalities and lacking tact. Managers that only care about their own bottom line and the bottom line of their friends, favorites or those in their inner circle or clique. Roadmaps that do not make sense, are outdated and lack focus. Poorly planned projects with unrealistic specifications/schedules. Chaotic project execution. Awful cutthroat politics. Tons of back stabbing, gossiping, finger pointing and scapegoating. Poor communication, blind-sighting and intentional stonewalling. Lots of secretiveness and managers constantly leaving people out on purpose. Coercive management style. Undermining and obstructionist behavior from management. Severe lack of trust on employees. Fear of conflict and poor or non-existing conflict resolution. Severe lack of appreciation for people's contributions or merits. Unwillingness to give credit when credit is due. No clear path for career development or no access. No open access for everyone to chose a career path based on merits. Non-stop microaggressions. Disturbing cliques between folks based on personal reasons and preferences. Unequal treatment based on factors that should have nothing to do with work. Unequal opportunities for growth based on factors that should have nothing to do with work. Excessive and counterproductive internal competition. Difficult collaboration. Lots of visible division based on shared ethnicity, origin, backgrounds and other unprofessional factors. No desire from HR or management to seriously address any employee concerns relating to work environment issues. Concerns and complaints are dismissed and swept under the rug. NOT recommended for anyone who is serious about doing good work on interesting stuff. This place is stuck at fixing and tweaking older designs. You may end up just running simulations for your manager's favorite employees. NOT recommended for those seeking to expand his/her career. The people at the top are very entrenched and the politics for promotions are very cutthroat down to the very bottom. NOT recommended for those seeking a nice and friendly work environment to do good work while having fun. This place is toxic."

Former Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"Laid off after 36 years, because of my age"

Current Employee - Wafer Fab Tech says

"Low overall Pay! Nonexistent pay raises."

Current Employee - Senior Staff Engineer says

"This company sucks - hard. If you are not based in Europe, you are at the bottom of the pile. U.S. employees are far more likely to lose the lottery of forced 10% or so poor reviews. Mid management has even been heard joking that European managers with U.S. based direct reports can use the U.S. based employees "as a buffer" to keep European employees from getting bad reviews. As an employee of Freescale prior to the NXP buyout, I can tell you things were much better as Freescale. Gregg Lowe was a much better CEO as well. On top of everything else, NXP is bungling business such that future opportunities are being lost to competitors. Unless you enjoy being on the bottom and expendable, don't apply at NXP if you are in the U.S. I know many employees have left since the NXP takeover, and I have overheard many conversations of others disgusted with the company."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"The current management is cutting cost by replacing experience with cheap labor. Their only motive is to make the numbers look good, sell the company and get their bonus. Not a recipe for long term sustained growth. The company also practices age discrimination in how they cleverly manage people out of the company. Get your experience and leave. There is no long term loyalty."

Current Employee - Equipment Engineer says

"Career growth is non-existent. NXP has been thinning the heard for a while now. They are ok with losing people because of stagnating pay and low/no bonuses."

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee) says

"Management very unprofessional. They don't know what they are doing, take advantage of employees. Your choice is never heard, they care more about money than people actually making them money."

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible culture, horrible training, wouldn't reccommend to anyone. Contract company is a joke. They will just work the heck out of you then fire you when yoh make a mistake. Will never go back. What a waste of time!!!Long breaksNO CHANCE of getting hired on permanent"

Process Manager (Former Employee) says

"The most incestuous work environment I've ever been in. They will hire unskilled labor to work on acids, electrical and gasses without training or prior knowledge just to save money. The management constantly scrambles to shift blame and position themselves out of chain of command when things go wrong. A string of broken promises is all you will see if you decide to stay there."

ontslagen (Former Employee) says

"Ontslagen. Maar ik ben tevreden . werknemers worden ontslagen en de achterblijvers kunnen het werk niet meer aan en lopen tegen een burnout. Maar alleen managers kunnen hlf jaarthuis zitten met een burnout het wrrkende volk moet gewoon doorwerken met een burnout. Als slaven worden werknemers al een aantal jaren daar behandeld. Zelfs kerstpakket is weggegeven aan goed doel zonder overleg. Schandalig.managers heb je geen last van luisteren toch nietje bent een nummer en je blijft een nummer"

Lead Tech (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for a long time. Great co-workers! Long hours but great pay.Lots of team workLong days or nights"

Senior Process Engineer, Quality & Films (Former Employee) says

"Process Engineer @ Texas factory. Coming from work experience at 300mm factories, this place is far behind the curve and does not embrace new ideas or possibility thinking. Management is stuck and prefers their old ways, as well as prioritizes brown-nosing from long time employees. Leadership is not interested in getting things done efficiently or making progress. Purely grind your time sustaining, then reflexively punish employees for not meeting schedules."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Pros: On-time salary. Good office location. Flexible timings. Cons: (read only if you are trying to get into IT): No learning for the person who comes from IT background. They mostly use vendor tools where you are only supposed to end user support. No Salary hikes. No On-Site. Very poor work life balance even on every alternate weekend you are supposed to work. Daily late calls starting evening 4PM to 9:30PM. Management tries to pressurize even on small things to do.On-time salary. Good office location.Long hours"

Area leader (Former Employee) says

"You get trained by people who have no idea what they are doing. You get shown once how to work a million £ machine then you are left to do it on your own. There are 2 types of people at nexperia the ones that bully their peers and the rest just walk around with their heads down and don't say a word not make eye contact with anyone. Management know who (there's alot allot of them) is taking drugs whilst working on site but refuses to do anything, as they know they would loose probly 20% of their staff including so called process engineers."

Production Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I entered through the production assistant programme, they make you do a Level 2 in Manufacturing Operations, did two units and awaiting the remainder 3 units. Working 12 hour night shifts 4 on and 4 off.3 one hour breaks but we cannot let management know or else they will crack down on it.Bullying culture, the people employed here are chavs and scallys, very unprofessional place to work, Swearing, cussing and abusing is part of the daily routine, Management dont have a clue that people are skiving off for hours, Not many black people, some indians but mainly a white lower working class sort of people."

Safety representatives (Former Employee) says

"* Reliable, dependable worker with twelve years of experience in the field of semiconductor manufacturing. * Maintained consistent level of excellence and professionalism in the face of adverse conditions which periodically impacted the semiconductor industry. * Assisted in the certification of newer employees to operate various tools. * Confidence in ability to transfer the knowledge and experience gained from previous job to current employment opportunity."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for over a year. Pay is not good. Started with Freescale, then nxp. Never any job security, others will throw you under the bus to make themselves look better. Supervisors treat you is if you work in a prison, scolding for even the smallest things. Unhappy place as most hate working here.NoneLow pay, bad treatment, no job security"

Photo/Polyimide Maint Tech (Current Employee) says

"Very poor management. Letting people go without hiring others. Less people more work expected from you meaning a stressful environment with more chances of scrap."


"Starting the shift with a team meeting, learned things I had no idea about. Manager was always on vacation? Just wasn't around enough. Culture was fair. Waking up early in the morning to go to work. Seeing my awesome, hardworking team members.Paid wellDaily production was never enough for company"

Senior Yield Enhancement Engineer (Former Employee) says

"typical data was dispositioning material that was inspected and reviewed. Documenting issues and scrapping material as needed. Problem solving at the source and leading teams to resolve in-line tool and process issuesVery good people to work with at the peer level"

Sr. Analog Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"the company had several reorganisation, and the employee must work overtime, and almost no salary rise even though the company has good financial report."

Senior Engineer (Current Employee) says

"after merged Freescale, layoff freescale employee never stopping, pros: no cons: no working balance"

Equipment Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not as good an employer as others I have worked for in the semiconductor industry(as an Equipment Engineer). Wages are average, if not a little lower than their competitors and training is limited. The Manchester site is dreary and run down and NXP are currently going through a merger with Freescale, so expect jobs to go soon and job security impacted.44% shift allowance for working continental shifts.Uninspiring, Manchester site is depressing and Engineering management unimpressive."

Ontwerper (Current Employee) says

"Samen met je collega's een mooi ontwerp de deur uit krijgen is fantastisch. De cultuur wordt vanuit het management verpest."

Helpdesk Manager& Design Methodology Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company take over and cost cutting meant management made it unpleasant to work at the site I worked at, so I choose to leave. The site I worked at no longer exists.non"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Kort gewerkt niet lang vol kunnen houden in dat geisoleerde soortelijke ruimtepak"

Paul Ebel says

"it is the fourth time I acquired some NFC tags from this guys and the experience is bad. They put an increase on the price for very small things and the delivery is too late. They mention you can receive the goods in 2 working days, after one week I've n't received anything. Call them back and very rude asked me to confirm the address. Address confirmed and very rude they just mention goods will be dispatched again, overall took 2 weeks to received the goods."

Customer says

"Don't spam me with this stupid ratings site!"

Customer says

"Negative: - they have delivered tags without the request content - they are still asking questions even if you have provided all information before - difficult to reach technical persons on the phone - no call back even if you have requested it many times - they did not provide promised files to tags (only by second request) - no clear delivery time definition - all above waste your time and energy Positive: - they can do customized solutions based on your request (you have to find the right person there)"

Customer says

"More than one week and still not got it. Now more than 9 business days and still not here. Please do something!"

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